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There’s simply no escape from poverty for uneducated children. Without our support, there’re very few opportunities to rise above their own misfortune and break the cycle of generational poverty. When you donate to education, you give back what you once received yourself: A CHANCE. We need €500,000 to educate 500 children at the Indian Residential School per year. This year we have capacity for 100 pupils to receive the vital basic education needed to enter the state school system.

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Friends-for-Hope e.V. are a deeply passionate non-profit organisation, who support access to education for underprivileged children by fundraising for local organisations. We finance all administrative costs ourselves (approx. 5%) so that all of the donations received go directly to the project.


Just one year at the Residential Bridge School, “Barefoot College” in Single Rajasthan, qualifies our pupils to attend a government school. This opportunity is truly life-changing for migrant workers of the lowest ‘untouchable’ caste and their families.

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It costs just €3/ school day for 3 meals, healthcare, education and skills training for one pupil. Our vibrant school community spreads the value of education not only to the attending pupils and their family’s but to their village communities and eventually broader society.

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Imagine a world where every single person enjoys access to education, regardless of their background. Be part of our great vision and give back what you once received: A CHANCE. CHILDREN IN SCHOOLS. This has an immense impact whole communities - offering an escape from the never-ending trap of unskilled migrant work, early marriage and parenthood. Even the most basic education raises the aspirations of those who simply need the means to rise above their circumstances.

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